About Me

Name: Simone a.k.a. Child
Age: 16
Bday: 5/25
Homecountry: Russia
Current Residence: New York, USA
Hobbies: art, anime, manga, good books, science
Other Info: My name is Simone and I live in NYC, the Big Apple. I am 16 and planning to major in premed once I am out of High School. I can say couple of things about me that do not concern anyone but me, but I think it is mostly appropriate to say them here since no one reads this anyways.
I love:
# anime
# mange
# sucker for science stuff (you may call me science geek)
# good books
# good movies
# music (depending on the mood)
# weirdly awesome people

I hate: # misunderstandinga
# dishonesty
# stupidity
# annoying noises
# weirdly UNawesome people
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